About Us

Über-talented fashion designer; savvy entrepreneur and humanitarian philanthropist, Nadya Mistry is one of Pakistan’s most innovative style and business visionaries, who has indubitably remained ahead of her time while momentously and consistently creating fashion waves within the Pakistani and International Fashion Industries.

Mistry graduated in 1995 with a BA in Fashion Designing (Stylisme et Modelisme) From the prestigious L.I.S.A.A. (L’íInstitut Superieur des Arts Appliques), Paris, where she was selected as one of the top students by design visionary Paco Rabanne. After graduating, Mistry completed two coveted internships; one with Cerruti 1881 in Paris, and the other with Mary McFadden in New York.

In 1998 Mistry launched her design career in Karachi, Pakistan, with her ‘Egyptian Collection’, initially embarking on a successful export business of her designs to the United Kingdom. 

In March 2000, Mistry opened her New Age flagship boutique in Park Towers, Karachi. 

With the universal appeal of her designs and fabric manipulations, Mistry has developed a client base that is widely spread across the globe, especially in the United States. She also singularly provides exquisite embroideries to international clothiers.